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Wifi set up

I have just purchased new pc and iPad. Old pc completely dead. Can anyone help me set up either, iPad wants wifi password but virgin media won't tell me what it is (router is dlink and passwords on label don't work) Pc can't install USB dongle as no set up disc was supplied by virgin. Customer services no use. Any ideas would be much appreciated before I switch provider!
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Re: Wifi set up

factory reset the router and set up a new one

Sadly not a Virgin customer anymore.... Unless you want to cable my new street. my internet sucks.
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Re: Wifi set up

dlink router...


Is that supplied by virgin or is it one of your own.


If its yours then VM wont help you at all, however you could as suggested reset the router to defaults, then plug the pc into the router with a cable and let it get an IP address then run a command prompt and type ipconfig, look for the default gateway address


type this into internet explorer and you should be able to access the router ok, you may need a username password to get into it, do a google on the model to get the details.



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Re: Wifi set up

Hi jonb295,


Has this advice helped?


If you are still experiencing problems please let us know and we'll try and help further.

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