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Fresh as a Daisy
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Wifi issues with Super Hub

I am a new customer of Virgin, I have 60Mb Broadband only, no phone, no TV.


Superhub is working perfectly on ethernet ports but very hit an miss on wifi.


Wifi is sometimes fine, other times no connection or connected but no data or very slow, when I have no data or slow I still have excellent signal strength.


The same thing happens on 3 wifi devices, a new laptop with Realtek wifi and updated drivers using and "N" connection and also on a android tablet and a mobile phone.


I have 3 PC's on ethernet all those are working fine. When the wifi is playing up I am also unable to access network shares from wifi to PC's on ethernet, PC's on ethernet again work fine.


My talktalk ADSL broadband is still active and if I use my old BT Business HUB on my talktalk connection all the problems go away. ( The BT Business HUB is not switched on normally)


I have read the Super Hub Wireless Issues FAQ. I have run inSSIDer and have tried my Super Hub on a manual channel setting.


I have tried the laptop within 2 metres of the Super Hub

I have tried downgrading the laptop from N to G

5Ghz is not an option as I have G and N devices

My SNR ratios are fine, as expected due to my ethernet devices running fine.


Live support or customer services is not available online.


I refuse to telephone support and pay someone via 0845 to wait in a queue for support I do not require. (This was one of my reasons for leaving NTL originally)


I can see there are many customers having problems with wifi on their Super Hubs


I am willing to try a replacement Super Hub.

I am willing to try a firmware update, but none is currently available other than to beta testers.

I have read that some customers have been sent a Dlink wifi router and are using their Super Hub in wifi mode, I would also be happy to do this.


I would like to keep my new 60Mb connection, as for the broadband service so far, via ethernet I am very happy.


Can someone in support please tell me what to do next.

Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: Wifi issues with Super Hub

Laptop has Realtek Wifi and drivers are upto date.


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Re: Wifi issues with Super Hub



There is a new firmware due to begin testing next week that should deal with the problems people have voiced on here, so sit tight and when the beta testing is finished it should be alot better.



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Re: Wifi issues with Super Hub

if you have a router put the super hub into modem mode and all your problems will go away


log into the hub - from any browser - enter name - admin and password - changeme

on the left is a column - look for modem mode - tick that - save and log out

connect your router to the lan port next to the coax on the super hub - turn off the super hub and pc - power up super hub wait for all lights to come on - power up router and then pc - you should be connected to internet

set up wifi as you need

if you want to log back into super hub [in modem mode] its name/password as before


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Re: Wifi issues with Super Hub

Hi gooroo,


Sorry to hear the issues your facing with the superhub.


We are aware there are some wireless problems with the superhub and are currently beta testing a new firmware update which should solve a lot of problems. Once this has been tested it will be rolled out to everyone.


Click here for more information.

Leanne K
Help & Support Forum Team

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Re: Wifi issues with Super Hub

I have been having problems with wifi for 3 months -dropping signal etc and finally phoned virgin media to see about moving to another provider.  They told me that they would send out a superhub with an installer and all would be well.  Spent last 4 days - 4 hrs per day trying to resolve problems with wireless signal - really poor - in room with laptop only 4 bars for signal.  Leave room and goes down to 3.  Move downstairs and lose signal completely.


Have done all the problemsolving stuff - reboot, changing channels.  Their tech dept said they would send out a wireless adapter dongle for my laptop - but dont see how that will work. 


I sorted out my mother in Law's package and she is due to get superhub on Thursday but I really am frustrated at this stage and if it cant be sorted want to move provider for both her and us.  


Think Virgin have been Disingenuous - should have told us about the wifi problem and offered some solutions rather than having people waste so much time on them????


Any suggestions?

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Re: Wifi issues with Super Hub

try different channels - alter mode to 145 - look at security - some is better than others - turn off firewall - all will help - you say you have tried all those 

the new firmware may help as and when - but the wifi [at the moment] is not great - put it into modem mode and add your own router - costs money - solves the problem - not what people want to hear or want to do but as i say it WILL work


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Re: Wifi issues with Super Hub

Only just found this topic so hope I'm not too late with the suggestion that seems to solve the problem, well after 3 days of problems and since then I have also actually emulated the problem which does then re-occur with the super hub.


What I have discovered is that the wifi problem only seems to come about after the router has been turned off at the mains, but what I discovered is that if you then use the super hubs console to restart the modem it's as if it then detects my equipment better than just turning it back on then spending days with all the tests telling me there is 'no problem' when clearly when something is NOT WORKING when it's supposed to be working IS A PROBLEM.


Although plugging our routers back in and bypassing the modems router as suggested earlier seems the easiest solution.

Making Waves
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Re: Wifi issues with Super Hub

I have taken delivery of a superhub with my upgrade to 30mb and experiencing all the problems that are listed here with loss of wireless signal. My computer is on 12'' away from the hub!


I have tried all of the suggestions re settings etc to no avail.


Clearly this still an issue and "not fit for purpose" springs to mind.


Is Virgin doing anything about this or have they simply gone quiet and are washing their hands of the issue?



The Troubleshooter
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Re: Wifi issues with Super Hub


Welcome to the wonderful world of the VM Superdub (my nickname for it).


The superdub features do not work correctly, (like Wireless, it reboots its self, resets to factory defaults

by itself, and many more), so a good work around is put the superdub into modemmode, and add an external

router (you need to buy an external router if you dont already own one).


No matter how many firmware updates there are for the superdub. R30 was the best, as it gave it modem mode.The best feature, and only way the superdub works.


I work and game on PC (wired), PS3 (wireless), and Xbox (wireless) in modemmode config via ASUS RT-N66U

router,on the VM 100Mbs service and get 103MBs Down and 9.45Mbs Up.

The ASUS RT-N66U uses BOTH Wireless signal 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz gets to the whole house / garden.



Red (VM SH2 AC Beta tester)
Running on 152Mb VM service with SH2 AC in Modem Mode, with a ASUS RT-N66U router. With this setup I get Fantastic WIRED and WIRELESS Signals in my home. I dont work for VM. But I work in IT, and I know my tech.
My advice is at your own risk.