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Wifi Hotspots

Smiley SadBT offer WIFI hotspots through BTFON and BT Openzone Do Virgin offer anything similar so I can use my iphone on the go wirelessly rather than using cellular data ?

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Re: Wifi Hotspots

No they dont mate. Nothing of the sort Smiley Sad

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Hi guys, I do NOT work for Virgin Media and as such any advice i post is my opinion. PLEASE CLICK THE ↓ KUDOS STAR IF I HELP Smiley HappySmiley Happy
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Re: Wifi Hotspots

Hi dunng2,


Unfortunately at the moment Virgin Media do not offer this service, If there are any changes in the future we will let our customers know.

Leanne K
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Re: Wifi Hotspots


Sky doing it better again !!!!!!


come on VM pull your socks up and start beating Sky at there own game....