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Re: Why is my ping and jitter so high?

My Ping and Jitter has been High for a While now.



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Re: Why is my ping and jitter so high?

VM seem to be really struggling to maintain good performance, perhaps as a result of the changes it is undergoing to provide 'more speed'. This has been ongoing for me at least for around 6 months. It does come and go. 


Persoanally I would take more stability of more speed any day ... I would not expext to see lost packets on a regular basis and a jitter consistantly more than 50% of the average time is unaccaptable.


If VM ISP were a sportscar, it would do 200mph but would break down every few miles...... would you put up with that?


I will not .... so I am off to BT Infinity2 in the new year....

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