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One to Watch
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Where's my account gone please?

Anyone able to help me, I cannot access my account I use Outlook Express and I get a message saying your password was rejected etc server error Ox800CCC90 and error number Ox800CCC92.  This was my account when I was a dial up customer.  Both my and virginmedia accounts were transferring my e mails over perfectly fine until this week.  When I try to log in via VM the error message is from Google Apps saying "This account has been disabled" We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later"  Is this VM's way of telling me that they have closed down my dial up e mail account address?  If so it would have been nice of them to send me an e mail warning me about this!   I am not a techie person so please be kind with any advice offered, thanx!

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Re: Where's my account gone please?

As I understand it, if you have not used your dial up account on the National (ADSL) platform for a certain time and you are not paying for it, your mailbox will be suspended.


It can be enabled again, but this is like a good will gesture from VM and you would need to ask one of the support guys on here to raise a ticket.


The T&C's will cover this and I guess like me and most other people you don't read them .. Smiley Happy

- Any advice given is to be used with care Smiley Happy .. my posts hold no connection with Virgin media and I in no way represent them or any of their partner groups.
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Re: Where's my account gone please?

Hi LS28Girl,


It is not currently possible to merge a Virgin Media Cable and Virgin Media National account together.  If you're now using a Cable account it is possible that your National account has been closed.  If you contact our National Technical Support team on 0845 454 2222 they will be able to confirm this for you.


Lee Grant

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One to Watch
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Re: Where's my account gone please?

Hi Lee,

Thanx for 0845 phone number unfortunately and just so you are aware you then need to dial an 0906 number for dial up problems and as this would be at some considerable cost to ME I will not be able to do this.   I am going to take the common sense view that someone has disabled my account but I am left with the question, "Would it really have been too hard for someone to have the courtesy to send me an e mail telling me (your customer) that this was going to happen?"