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What wireless extenders can be used with Virgin Media Hub modem router?

I am trying to find a wirless network extender that will work with my virgin hub (netgear).


Does anyone know of any that I can buy?  I assume netgear make one...


I've tryed to set up my Air Port Express to wirelessly extend the range but it doesn't seem to work.  I have done the following:  

1. Select your airport express.  

2. Select manual set up.  

3. Under Wireless, select Participate in a WDS network  

4. Enter your network name, radio mode, channel, and security  

5. Under WDS, select WDS remote  

6. Add the MAC address of the router

7. Re-booted everything  


Everything goes through the motions and looks to be working fine but I can not connect to the internet.  The network exists but no internet connection.  Have I done something worng or is this simply not possible?    If it is not possible does anyone know of an extender that does work with this router?  


Thanks in advance



PS I'm no a Mac if you hadn't figured that out already ;o)

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Re: What wireless extenders can be used with Virgin Media Hub modem router?

The Superhub does not support WDS so bridging in this way will not work.

There may be another way to bridge the connection from the Hub but it will need the airport to support AP client mode or wireless bridging which I am not sure if it does. You can read the Airport FAQ's here for more info.


You could always look into homeplugs as an alternative.