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What have Virgin done to Netgear Routers?

I'm trying to set up the wireless networking on my HP Deskjet printer.  Should be a simple procedure:


Connect it to the router via ethernet cable

Browse to it via the web browser

Configure wireless



However... althought the printer appears as a connected device, you cannot open its browser interface.  This is odd, and used to be possible with my previous non-virgin netgear router.


Have Virgin done something to firewall settings to prevent browsing between clients on a network?  All firewall settings seem conspicuous by there absence.


Does anyone know a way of unlocking the router so it behaves as standard again?

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Re: What have Virgin done to Netgear Routers?

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There is nothing that Virgin have done that would stop what you want to do working.


The only issues may be that the router is using a different IP range than you are used to so the IP adddress assigned to the Printer is different


When you say it shows as a connected device, where are you looking?

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