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Weak wireless signal



I've got the VMDG280 router connected to my PS3/smart phone. All i get is a weak wireless signal. My PS3 is upstairs and my router downstairs and all i manage to get is 65% signal strengh at best. 


With my old Plusnet router i use to get 90+% and i was two floors up! 


Any ideas how to improve strengh? I hear choosing channel has a part to play. 

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Re: Weak wireless signal

Hi Genkville,


Wireless signal issues can be difficult to diagnose via the forums but I will try and cover everything here. The first thing to consider is the build of the house, Is your house an old build with thick interior walls? This can significantly reduce the signal passing through them.

The second is the location of the router in relation to other electrical devices. Is the router positioned near any TV's, Set Top Boxes, cordless phones etc, or does the path between the router and device cross any of these. Again these can sometimes affect the strength of the signal.

A good option in trying to resolve these issues is to change the broadcast channel from within the config pages. To do this enter into your browser (username = admin, password = changeme). Channels 1,6 and 11 are the 3 channels that do not overlap but if you download a program called inSIDDer it will tell you what is the least used channel in your area. 


John O

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