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Wansview IP camera external access problems via Superhub


The problem I have is making an external connection to the wansview camera.  I can access the superhub externally, but it does not forward to the camera.


The wansview IP camera is successfully installed to the LAN, and is accessible using any device on the network.


This is what I have set up


Camera IP:   

HTTP Port: 1026   (please note we have tried many different port numbers with same result)


Super Hub:

Remote access configured to port 1026

Port forwarding: New service HTTP, from port 1026 to port 1026


I have tried disabling the firewall to see if there was any related problem, however no change.


When I access the external IP:1026 as per the IP provided in the super hub remote access, it brings me to superhub login screen, not the camera


According to the wansview, we should be able to access the camera using the DDNS name, which is however this just gives error on page when I attempt it - not sure where this fits in, I can not seem to see if or where to configure this on superhub.


Browser makes no difference, using IE, Chrome and safari.


Would appreciate any help, I have a dotting nana in new zealand desperate to connect to see her grandson Smiley Happy


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