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Making Waves
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WI-FI Security WEP KEY

My Internet has been un-secured for a long time and I would like to change this!!


I don't know my WEP key, how do I get hold of it, it is not on my netgear router.


I have a number of computers on my network, I just want to anyone outside of my house being able to use it.


Any help appreciated



One to Watch
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Re: WI-FI Security WEP KEY

plzz let me know the model num of the netgear is only a router or a hub(modem+router)???

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Re: WI-FI Security WEP KEY

if your network is un secured, then there is no need to worry about not knowing your wep key. just log onto the router and you will be able to set up security there. suggest you dont use wep unles you have old devices which do not support WPA2

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Re: WI-FI Security WEP KEY

Hi Dave_t87,


As advised by our previous posters, you would be better using WPA or WPA2 rather than WEP, it is much more secure. You will need to login to the router to do this. If you need any help doing this I would suggest running a google search or contacting Netgear (as the router you have was not supplied by us).


John O

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Making Waves
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Re: WI-FI Security WEP KEY

Thank you for the help,


much appreciated


DaveSmiley Happy