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Volume control on Samsung V+ box remotes

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I know there have been several threads on this issue, but none seem to solve my problem. If on reading this another thread does answer it, please direct me there...


I am having great difficulty getting my VM remote to control my TV volume.


I have a number 9/10 remote from this page: Virgin Media Remote Control Codes


I have followed those instructions to the letter, the first bit with entering of 000 and getting the yellow bars doesn't seem to work - the remote flashes green to accept the number but then I'm just told to go to the help menu on the home screen to set the volume control.


I have a samsung TV (code 4080, according to link and help screens on TV).  When I use this code, the TV does switch off (step 7), but when I turn the TV back on the VM remote does not control the TV volume.


If I use the code 0010, the it take about 5 minutes for the TV to turn off, but I have same problem when I turn the TV back on.


The TV model is a samsung LE32B530. 


Please can you give my any more directions, assistance or ideally a fix.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Volume control on Samsung V+ box remotes

Hi I had problems initially with my UE40C6530UK but got it working with the samsung code after a few attempts.


I think the key thing is to press the OK button on the V+ remote really quickly as soon as the TV goes into standby - you don't mention that you did that. I'm guessing the remote tries different signals until it hits on the right one, so if you don't hit ok fast enough it might move onto the next one. Hope that helps!

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Re: Volume control on Samsung V+ box remotes

hi i have a samsung PS51D550 i cant seem to find a code for it can some one help me?

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Re: Volume control on Samsung V+ box remotes

Hello scott2012,


The samsung codes are always model specific.  If any of the codes listed on the help site don't work you will need to contact the vendor of your tv to provide further codes for you to try.  However, there is a universal one you could try which is 0863.  Hope it works.



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