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Fresh as a Daisy
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Voicemail number of rings

Hi Everyone,  does anyone know how to increase the number of rings before voicemail is activated. I want my answerphone to pick up my voicemail after 5 or 6 rings but the Virgin Media voicemail kicks in at 5 rings. Can I extend this to 7 rings so my telephone answer machine picks up the voicemail.  Many Thanks

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Re: Voicemail number of rings

Hi axium13,


Our free voicemail is pre-set on the phone exchange to 5 rings.


If you want to extend voicemail rings you would need to upgrade to our chargeable voicemail.


To do this you would need to contact customer care team free phone on 150 from your landline.


With chargeable voicemail you can have the rings extended from between 5-10 rings.



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One to Watch
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Re: Voicemail number of rings

This is absolutely pathetic!! I know of another old lady who often cannot get to her phone in time to answer it. She is also on a very small pension and cannot afford to upgrade..(read: pay virgin media more money) to get proper use out of her phone. 'Free' voicemail is a complete scam!!

One to Watch
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Re: Voicemail number of rings

agreed.  pathetic service.   everything seems to be an excuse to charge more money.  v disappointed. Smiley Mad

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Re: Voicemail number of rings

Just ask VM to switch voicemail off, problem solved.