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Virgin will not accept my password

After receiving an email informing me that my bill was ready to view online, I was taken to a page where I was told that bill services are being moved to MyVirgin Media and that my existing 4 digit pin would be replaced with a password. I was asked to enter a new password but whatever I enter I am told that it is not valid. There are no instructions on the page to tell me what is and what is not acceptable as a password, which is just highly frustrating and idiotic. I have tried every combination over 6 letters with capitals, numbers, % signs etc...but it is always invalid.


I have just about had enough of Virgin and their so called customer service. Would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction please. I have given up trying to ring them as they never understand the problem.


Many Thanks.

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Re: Virgin will not accept my password

Have you actually tried calling in as a reset of your password will take all of 2 minutes, so call in on 151 from a Virginmedia phone line or 0845 454 1111 from any other phone line and an agent will help you.


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Re: Virgin will not accept my password

Hi janner66,


I'm afraid, as Peter has advised we will need to attempt to replicate your issue by logging into your account. As we do not have access to your password we are unable to do this here, therefore can I ask you to contact our Technical Support team on 151 from a Virgin Media line (0845 454 1111 from any other line) and one of our agents will investigate this for you.


John O

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