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Virgin router

When I joined Virgin a few years ago the engineer who came asked me if I would be needing the wireless router.  At the time I dd not have a need for it in my small flat and so he took it away with him.  Recently I realised that I do need it and so I called customer service for a replacement to be sent.  They said they would send one but it would cost £40.  I am very upset about this as although I explained on the telephone that the engineer took it with him, they obviously do not believe me.  I have spent a small fortune with Virgin over the years and feel they should not treat their customers like thieves and liars.  I don't know if anyone has any suggestions on how to sort this out, but I would be grateful for any help.


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Re: Virgin router

Hi markthebee,


I have sent you a Private Message. We'll be happy to progress things for you once we have received your reply.

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