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Making Waves
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Registered: ‎13-07-2011

Virgin media anti virus

I have Windows Vista on my lap top. After restoring system, Windows security alerts tells me that Virgin media anti virus is switched off

on clicking warning message unable to switch on anti virus, but windows defender anti virus is on but won't switch off. Have ran diagnostic tool but says everything OK.

Having read other messages seems lots of users have same problem.

Am at wits end please help!

Dr. Yes
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Re: Virgin media anti virus

Remove and reinstall VMS.


All you need to know is here:-

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One to Watch
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Re: Virgin media anti virus

Virgin anti virus is a resource hog, the first thing i did was uninstall it as it slows everything down.


I have been running Avast free for the last three years with the windows firewall, the new version even detects when you are about to visit a dodgy site and sandboxes it, i advise all the clients i visit to use it.


AVG free used to be ok but has lost ground to Avast, Avira is also an option, for normal browsing Windows firewall is fine.


Also consider browsers which can help with security as you can add plugins such as Mc Affee site adviser, i would keep away from IE due to security and speed issues.


These are just my opinions based on dealing with malware and viruses.  

Making Waves
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Registered: ‎13-07-2011

Re: Virgin media anti virus

thanks to everyone for all the help have now resolved the problem


Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Virgin media anti virus

Hi inta147,


Thanks for the update and glad to hear your issue is now resolved.



Ray Miranda
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