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Virgin Superhub GUI

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I am currently having issues with the web GUI on the superhub.
When I go onto any of the web pages, I usually see objects such as;

on the bottom of the webpage, which does cause majour issues using the web control interface.


Firmware info;

Is there any fix for this?
I've reset the router settings and rebooted the thing several times.
in rare events, the webpages actually do display properly, but this is as rare as a sunny day in the UK...

Using google chrome, this issue is also seen on other browsers as well.


I've also noticed that sometimes the interface actually stops listening to the WLAN network, and only method of accessing it is to use the LAN, or in some cases a reboot is required as it stops completely.

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Re: Virgin Superhub GUI

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What version of Google Chrome are you using?

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Re: Virgin Superhub GUI



i would try a factory reset to see if that stops the sudden stop in traffic though the superhub, if that doesnt solve it then it might need replacing


also in regards to the gui what browser are you running? how many machines see the same? what add ons do you have installed on the browser?


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Re: Virgin Superhub GUI

Thanks for the replies, the version of chrome I am using is:
27.0.1453.94 m - Latest Version


As for the GUI dropping, this doesn't affect any other parts of the network, and I've performed several factory resets and the issue keeps arising!

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Re: Virgin Superhub GUI

Hi electronicboy,


I've not seen this happen before, it's a bit strange to be honest.


It would appear that your Superhub is now on the r38 firmware. Has this resolved the issue?



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Re: Virgin Superhub GUI

Issue is still occuring, I just went to the panel and all appeared fine, I then logged in to the GUI, and then the issue re-appeared.

I then logged out, and the issue appeared on the login page again.

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Re: Virgin Superhub GUI

Hello Electronicboy,

I've come across something similar to this a few times. Usually it only happens once and never again. The issue isn't being caused by the superhub, it's most commonly caused by plug-ins and addons but as you're getting the same issue with other browsers it could also be caused by a pop up blocker as the messages displayed here are all messages that will pop up when you click 'sign in'.

Try restoring the browser to factory default and let us know if this resolves anything.

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Re: Virgin Superhub GUI

Its the internet browser causing the problems. Using a different browser normally fixes the problem.
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Re: Virgin Superhub GUI

I only installed an adblock plugin 2 days ago, nether the less, I disabled it and restarted the webbrowser, and the issue seamed fine at first, but then it occured again. All extentions disabled, same effect. 


I don't see why it can be acting fine one moment, and then all of a sudden decide to stop working?
I've seen this issue in all my web-browsers, however, it does appear to happen less in other browsers, but it it still happens from time to time. So, I think there must be some issue there.



Also, is there any idea why the superhubs GUI would randomly stop working, requiring a reboot to get access to it? The actual network stays fine, I can still connect to anything outside the network, and this issue occurs in all browsers when it does happen, and on all other computers.