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Virgin Media Hub

Hi All,


I have a Virgin media Hub with the wireless "N" technology, It's a Netgear but not sure of the model number.


I have full wireless signal strength, but my laptop is unable to connect to the hub. I have to switch the hub off and on again so i can connect.


I tired to setup the Netgear Push, but i failed, wondering if my problem was due to this.  I think i need to reset my router to it's default connection. 


Could anyone tell me where the Pin is located? or if you have any other sugestions?


Kind Regards,


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Re: Virgin Media Hub

On the bottom left of the sticker is a little red circle where you need something like a pin to push into it to reset it.

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Re: Virgin Media Hub

Hello lord_kit,


Can I ask if you have resolved this issue?



Ray Miranda

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