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Virgin Media Homepage

I have Virgin Media as my homepage and have the grass as my background and the local weather set near the top but recently every time i switch on i have to re-set it and edit it, the same thing is happening with my e-mail, i have to tick boxes for and even though i send it the same thing happens when i try to get into my e-mails.Can somebody help me as it is starting to annoy me.

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Re: Virgin Media Homepage

Sounds like something is clearing your browsers cookies.

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Re: Virgin Media Homepage

Thanks Annie, my problem is solved.

Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: Virgin Media Homepage

I use Virgin Media as my home page but it seems stuck in a time warp, for instance, the top article on UK News is still "No ban on teachers being in the BNP"

What is going on and how can I get my home page to be the latest ?

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Re: Virgin Media Homepage

Ctrl+F5 will clear the cached page and refresh it.

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Re: Virgin Media Homepage

The problem is still there, so what is clearing cookies, if that is the problem?? and how do i stop the cookies being cleared.

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Re: Virgin Media Homepage

The VM website is awful, surprised anyone has it as their home page! Smiley Surprised

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Re: Virgin Media Homepage

Hi horneted,

  This link may help

Esentially it looks as if you web browser is holding on to the old webpage.




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