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Virgin Media Email Issues

A recent post on Virgin website suggests there are ongoing problems with pieces of the email infrastructure but that NO emails are being lost. I can confirm that many emails are currently being bounced (as per example below):


Your message could not be sent.

A transcript of the attempts to send the message follows.

The number of attempts made: 1

Addressed To: (my email address)


Fri, 03 Sep 2010 10:39:28 +0100

Failed to send to identified host,

my email address: [],

--- Message non-deliverable.

Can someone from Virgin let me know how big this problem is and when it is likely to be fixed!?

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Re: Virgin Media Email Issues



The only big problem with the infrastructure at the moment, is

that if you are using to send emails from an

email client, then some domains won't receive them.

You will get a bounce message though, stating that their delivery is being blocked.


Yahoo, Btinternet, Tiscali seem to affected.


Cure it by temporarily changing  to


Won't be fixed until VM get their smtp blueyonder servers de-blacklisted on Which may be problematic, since there's no security on them,

and they can send from any address with impunity.

(smtp spam protection site).

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