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Virgin Media Digital Home Support - PC Healthcheck

The PC health check advises 2 issues :- Protection against Virus - message Antivirus Software not installed

                                                               - Personal Data protection - antivirus Software switched off

I do have F-Secure now and have spoken with an Indian Guy who informed to ignore those Healthcheck Issues as I have F-Secure now


Does the healtheck refer to Virgin Software not being there - if it does its a bit confusing in that it makes you wonder if the software from F-Secure is not all there,


I am running scans etc - never find any malware etc  but prior to F-Secure I had Virgin plus Spyware 4 that found malware, double click ,fast click and I thought it was working well.

Since F-Secure I have done 30-40 scans and guess what - nothing found - so now I am a bit paranoid.

Anyone else have similar stories.

                                                     Thanks jackal

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Re: Virgin Media Digital Home Support - PC Healthcheck

VM DHS is a bad product

Ignore and uninstall it
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