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Virgin Media - Call Out Engineer

I would just like to say thank you to the engineer that came out today and fixed my telephone problem.  I have to say he was both courteous and helpful.  He came to fix the telephone and sorted out a power level problem with my internet/Tivo connection I was unaware of.  I have met a lot of people who are 'jobs worth', and would have just sorted the one problem, then expected me to call and report the other fault and get someone else out.


All too often we do not say thank you to the little people who matter in this life and we are too quick to shoot someone down, even if they are not the person who should be taking the flack.


A big thanks to Dino Bevilacqua for his expertise today, have a good Xmas and New Year.

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Re: Virgin Media - Call Out Engineer

Hi Hector53, nice to meet you and great to hear that you received excellent service from the Virgin Media Engineer that visited you. I too like to post on the forums when I've received excellent service from Virgin which to be honest is around 99% of the time. Enjoy the forums, and if you have any queries, or questions with regards to your Virgin Service, then just ask ! Smiley Happy
Started with Bell Cablemedia in the early 90's and now with Virgin Media. How time flies...
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Re: Virgin Media - Call Out Engineer

Thank you for your such positive feedback Hector53,


As you have provided his name I will make sure this is put in an email to him and his manager for recognition Smiley Happy


As per soul1, If you need any help or support then please let us know Smiley Happy



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