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Virgin Media Broadband and VPN



I'm trying to get my laptop to connect to my works VPN but failing miserably.. I have checked with a local free wireless service and the VPN is set correctly.  My Microsoft Outlook connects quite happily to our Exchange server so I know that port 80 is open.  Does anyone know how to configure the 256 modem to see if the required ports 4500 & 500 are open?


Many thanks in advance



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Re: Virgin Media Broadband and VPN



You don't mention if you are connected via a router or not - if so, it's likely the router you'll need to change the settings on.


If you are comfortable changing the settings yourself then logging onto the router should show you a port forwarding (or similar) option down the left hand side.


You could also have a look here: which has useful info and an option to have your ports automatically set for you.


Hope that helps.



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Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: Virgin Media Broadband and VPN

Hi Jason,


Thanks for the reply.  I do have a Belkin Wireless router attached but that isn't the problem.  If i connect directly to the Virginmedia modem 256 I still cannot get to the VPN. 


The Portforward site does not cover the modem and the ports are already open on the Belkin.


I'm looking for anyone who knows how to get to the setup on the 256 modem so I can open the ports..


Thanks again for you help, any more would be gratefully received.


Regards  Howard

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Re: Virgin Media Broadband and VPN

Hi Howard


I am experiencing the same issue with Virgin Media and my company's VPN. My VPN has now been tested 3 times and works perfectly fine. I contacted the Virgin Media contact center on 0845 454 1111 and they were absolutely useless. It took 10 minutes to get through to them selecting the correct options and then when I finally got through the offshore agent didnt even understand what VPN was! The call ended up that I would need to call back when I was at home with my laptop. The engineers in my office seem to think its either the MAC protocol settings are set to high or the IP address may be similar to my company's.


Good luck and let me know if you get anywhere. After my call yesterday I'm tempted to move away from Virgin, the agents are useless. I've been with them for years however when you need help, its not there!


Kindest regards