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Fresh as a Daisy
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Virgin Media - 20MB, Can't even skype?

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I have been a customer with Virgin Media for a couple of years and have never been satisfied with your services, Last year I had major problems with my speed where I couldn't even make a audio call with skype ( 60kb/s), I had two or three engineers out and all of them didn't know what was wrong, after awhile my Internet "magically" started getting better after numerous complaints.



Now for the last 2 weeks I haven't been able to make a decent audio call on skype, it will go down to one bar and drop after 2 minutes of use. I have done a speed test and it says I'm getting 9.73 MB/S what is complete **bleep** if you ask me, I've never downloaded anything faster then a few hundred KB/s.

Now my net is doing a repeat of what happened a year ago, at any time of the day skype will not work, even on an audio call (60kb/s) and with your service you offer I expect to be able to make High quality calls (512 kb/s) without any problems.




Please let me know what else I need to add, I am expecting to get my full Internet speed here. Why offer a 20mb service if your not going to live up to your word? Thank you.

Fresh as a Daisy
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-02-2011

Re: Virgin Media - 20MB, Can't even skype?

Ok your service's are so **bleep**, Please help me get my net back to what it should be, I'm fed up of not getting what I'm paying for.
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Re: Virgin Media - 20MB, Can't even skype?

Hi Charles123,

 Would you have a look at this sticky and respond.


Paul Buchanan
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