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Virgin Media 100MB internet - Really SLOW - Getting 2MB if I'm Lucky



I live in the B20 area of Birmingham and since I have been with VM, (approx 3-4months) I have had nothing but problems. I sometimes am lucky to get the full speed and right now Im having the same issue. In the past month Ive had apprximately 4 technicians come out and 2 of those made the problem worse and caused my internet to completely disconnect, which for someone who works from home is a major issue. I also had a new Super Hub installed which should actally be renamed to Super **bleep** Hub.Neverthe less I curently right now have really slow internet and need this looked into and resolved ASAP because I'm paying for a service which I am not recieving and infact have been mis-sold a product due to you guys not providing me with the internet service I was promised I would recieve. I have written to your CEO office and lodged an official complaint. 


Here are some links to some speed tests


Is there any explanation to why I recieve rubbish internet at peak and un peak times, before VM I was with TalkTalk whose service and reliabality was infact more consistent and much better.

One to Watch
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎07-10-2012

Re: Virgin Media 100MB internet - Really SLOW - Getting 2MB if I'm Lucky

Its a shame I still aint got a reply, this is my second thread on the same issue. VM I have just had a poor experience as a customer and user of your services. You are pathetic

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Re: Virgin Media 100MB internet - Really SLOW - Getting 2MB if I'm Lucky

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Hi SuperSlowNet,


My apologies but it is very rare that we are able to respond to any post within a 2 day period on this forum.


I have taken a look at your connection, in fact, I ran all the diagnostic tests at my disposal. The hub's power levels are fine and has been online for the last 13 days with minimal interruption.


With regards to the Network side of the connection, I tested SNR (signal to noise ratio) which is exactly as it should be.

FEC's (forward error corrections) are not rising so no fault indicated there. 

There is no evidence of utilisation on either the upstream or downstream channels by which your connections joins our network.

The downstream speed is reporting 100mb and the upstream a little over 10mb.


I acknowledge the fact that you have already escalated this issue.


However, if you would like me to investigate further, I would need a little more information from you if you don't mind.


Are you using your connection via ethernet or wireless?

If wireless, could you please connect via ethernet and re-test your speed.

Please note that the servers are widely used and the preferred server to test to is London Namesco as we find this to be more reliable.


Could you also enable modem mode on the hub and see if that improves the speed and performance of your broadband connection?


The information you provide from the above will help us to pinpoint what may be causing the slow speed issue you have at present.

Help & Support Forum Team

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