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Virgin Broadband Intemittent Service due to Outage.

Since the beginning of the month we've had intermittent service (It'll be on for a few hours in day before going off completely until the next day) due to some sort of area outage. We were advised that it would take 8-10 days. So I rang today to see if there was an update (it was looking good; Service has been on all day and website says service is good), only til be told this will carry on until 24th November!!


My 1st issue is when I 1st rang up. As soon as I dialled there was a recorded message saying there was a known problem in my area (Portsmouth, PO5), and it was being looked into.So I thought I'd stay on the line and just see if there was any sort of timescale.

The first agent I spoke to seem to ignore my simple request of timescales, on more than one occasion. Instead he ran me through the basic troubleshooting. (Unplug router/modem, connect my laptop to ethernet cable). I humoured him knowing that it wouldn't work.(I also done all of thismany times before calling). I asked again that if he wasn't aware of any outages, why was the Virgin Media phone line telling me otherwise, to which he said he'd look into it and call me back. He didn't.


So I rang back up. Thankfully the second agent seemed to be aware of the problem. And advised that I will have intemittent service for 8-10 days. I wasn't happy, but at least I got an answer, and he did credit my account £15, which was appreciated.


I'm now on the 12 day mark, and even though my Broadband is working and the website says BB service is good, I thought I'd better phone up and check. I've now been told it will be intemittent until 24TH NOVEMBER! Again I was credited £10.


I am gratful for the credit, and I am aware that it more than covers what I pay in one month for BB. But my main annoyance is lack of explantion. Even the agents who informed me that was outage never actually told me what the issue is. Only that there is outage/maintennce problems and I'll have intemittent service. If I'm going to be without a full service for more than 3 weeks I'd like to know why.


I work for another BB Provider so I'm aware of the ins-and-outs of how BB works (I didn't mention this on phone because I don't like to sound like I'm trying to be ackward). But as a result I'd just like to have an actual reason as to why I'm not geting the full service for nearly a month!


To anyone who answers, thank you for reading Smiley Happy

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Re: Virgin Broadband Intemittent Service due to Outage.

Hi MattRose81


I am unable to check this for you, as I am unable to find any account information from your last visit.  Please could you PM me your telephone or account number address and postcode and full name so that I can investigate this for you, if you are still having the problem.





Aaron Virgin National
Help & Support Forum Team

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