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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3

and yet again the virgin **bleep** take begins all over again, another bad night of poor streaming.  After it being resolved in my area too, youve got to admire the ineptitude going on, it must take a lot of work to be this bad!

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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3

This is a problem that VM don't seem to be addressing and it certainly should be a case worthy of compensation.  My problems with bandwidth only started since the installation of a 'Superhub' some 6 weeks ago.  I had no problems previously with an NTL modem and my own wireless router, (which now can't be reverted to).


Certainly Offcom, or whoever regulates the internet service providers in the UK, might look at the case for compensation, as I have tangiable financial loss from the poorer service.


Even Virgin's fault service has a problem with 'left foot not knowing what right foot is doing'.  I was told of 'update 57' than told a few days later that no update was known of, then to be told later that Virgin was aware of an update.  The resolving of this issue, according to a variety of second line advisors was from two weeks, to after Christmas, then a completely new hub, or not at all because they had never heard of an update.  Things going on in a brewery come to mind.  I was promised a replacement Superhub but the delivery company chose to post a 'unable to deliver' card that I caught before it hit the floor under my letterbox and the driver had gone before I could get the door open.


I don't want the technicals about 'Peer packet' problems, etc, I just want my service to work properly.  However, as a loyal long time Virgin, (that sounds wrong!), I will stay with Virgin hoping they get it fixed, pronto!  But its beginning to be a bit of a strain.

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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3

BBC iPlayer streaming problems are continuing today, even out of peak time. Bringing up the info console in iPlayer (flash) reported an average bitrate of 2kbps, which needless to say didn't last for long before the stream completely failed.


Things were looking up last week, but it's crashing and burning once again. 


An update please Virgin, I'm sick to the back teeth of this pathetic service, especially as you're forcing a massive price rise on us all which is way above inflation. What are we getting for this absurd price rise? Perhaps you can use the money to finally patch up your broken network enough to enable it to stream a 1500kbps video without failing?


I've restarted iPlayer now and it's streaming again, but only just. It's getting 2000kbps, which is enough for SD but not enough for HD. If it's this broken at 1pm, it stands zero chance of functioning in the evening.



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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3

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My 60Mb connection is hopeless.

During the day upto around 11pm even if the connection has not been used it is still at best 15Mb.

Video streaming is painfully slow and can't be called streaming.


For me it seems to buffer a good chunk very fast then try to guess at what speed is needed to stay that few seconds ahead of the acctual stream, which it guesses badly.

I susspect it's done because lots of people will start playing a stream on youtube then turn it off after a short time as it is not interesting or whatever, VM see this as an area they can save network bandwidth.


I have a second work residence which is on BT Infinity 76Mb, I have remote access to this so I can run side by side. Using Vdownloader to get several youtube vids at both locations at the same time I get at best 300KB/s, usually a lot less on VM while BT is giving me around 8200KB/s, same list of vids.

It is actually faster for me to remotely download the vids to my server on BT connection then use FTP to get them from my server to the PC on VM, the BT connection gives around 17Mb upload, which is enough to saturate my VM connection during the day.


What I am doing now is popping the link in a downloader as I cannot sit and watch buffering all the time, therefore I dowload the whole vid first and watch later, some of which I never watch right through because they are not what I expected, boring whatever. Result is wasted bandwidth!


As far as I can see this is VM shooting themselves in the foot by being over agressive with throttling.


Just to top it off the wifi of the superhub is the worst I have come across, range and speed is terrible.



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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3

Im on 100MB and i cant even stream a god **bleep** 420p video some evenings.


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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3

Mixmyth -

"I had no problems previously with an NTL modem and my own wireless router, (which now can't be reverted to)."


You can revert to using an older router if you wish. I did this because the wireless on the hub is so limiting. I was getting between 1 and 3 bars of signal from that thing, usually around a 60% signal rate at best.


If you type in into a web browser you'll get to the web based settings menu for the super hub. Sign in (the default user name and password should be written on the hub assuming you've never been here and changed either before). Once in, click the big box in the middle that says "Super Hub Settings". If you scroll down there will be an option for Modem Mode. If you enable that, you turn the superhub into a modem which you can then connect a router up to. Just be aware that only one ethernet port will work in this mode, and that's the port on the right nearest to the power socket and coaxial port. The "Modem mode" option has a graphic of which port will work and an explaination before you start.


I did this and hooked up the D-Link DIR615 I'd been given from Virgin before which worked a treat. Back up to 90% signal *minimum* now. Better signal, better speed...generally. Certainly more stable.


Just be aware that if you want to change back from modem mode, the web browser IP will change. It was before when in superhub mode, but in modem mode it's

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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3

*Double post to keep my issue and my advise seperate*


This last week I've noticed my speed drop again. I was getting a fairly consistent 70-90Mb/s most days, but today doing a speed test it's about 40Mb/s and has been around that mark all week.Buffering is incredibly slow again. While I've been typing this message (about 3 minutes) a 10 minute Youtube video I was watching has buffered to about the 30 second mark. 10 seconds of video for every minute of loading. I wasn't aware until recenty that buffering was even something that could screw up on an ISP's end. And as everyone else says, I never had this issue before they upped the speed. I've had my speed going up and down before, but I don't recall ever having Youtube videos load like I was on dial up again before now.

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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3


People in this thread are using logic and expectations of a business run on ethical basis. IMHO, VM is anything but. They are well aware of oversubscription (or high utilization, another BS speak phrase coined by some moron who tought that it would sound better) in my area. And yet I had a flyer through my letterbox inviting me to join 'superfast broadband' of well currently under 1Mbit.


Time and time again, they go out of their way to prove that the  only thing that they are interested in is ripping customers off. Ideal VM customer is the one that will pay for "120Mbit" (quotation marks are intentional), and just use it to check ocassional email. Technical support (glorified script readers) in India are, IMHO, a joke. Every sentence starts with how sorry they are. Something tells me that they really are not sorry at all.


This aproach, ie cramming as many customers as possible on the same bandwith, will work as long as we have toothless OFCOM. On the other hand, daily damage to the brand is incosequential, as most employees don't stay long enough. Especially ones who take pride in their work. 


As i said before, in any other industry they would be taken to court for obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception (unless someone thinks that paying for 'upto' 60Mbit is equivalent of getting 1-2Mbit).


All above is, of course, figment of my imagination, and not an attempt to portray any company/individual.


Your muscly, spinich munching, set of pixels.



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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3

Any update on whether the extra capacity has come online?
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Re: Video Services Buffering pt3

No new capacity yet because the problem is back. It was fine for the last week but the weekend rolls by and the problem materalises.


I still appreciate the Mods here giving us their undivided attention in resolving this issue, you've helped much more than any engineer or telephone operator.