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Very frustrated VIP broadband customer



I wonder if there is anyone to help me please. I'm on the VIP package with broadband speed of 100MB in Luton, Bedfordshire, I think this has been increased to 120MB too.


I have my superhub in modem mode so that I can get increased signal to other parts of the house. I have a Belkin N1 Vision router. The trouble is I have not seen any increased broadband speeds since upgrading to the 100mb service. 


I contacted technical support at Virgin who remotely carried out a series of tests both wired and wirelessly. He confirmed there was something definitely wrong with the connection. He booked an engineer who arrived earlier today. He was here almost an hour but could not solve the problem and agreed that it was strange. He tried everything, even putting the hub back into superhub mode, connecting wired and still could not get anymore that 30MB.


He didn't know what to suggest and left. This really doesn't help me at all. So please could someone help me.


I would be so grateful.


Thank you,


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Re: Very frustrated VIP broadband customer

Hi Lesley27,

I have just checked your connection and network segment. Everything appears to be OK over the last week and there do not appear to have been any network problems recently in relation to power levels, utilisation, Signal noise ratio,packet loss etc.


Have you tried another PC? What specification is your LAN & wireless Card? 



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