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VMS10 - Beginning to do my head in!

I've previously posted about an issue with VMS and iTunes with no resolution so far...


Basically, VMS does not appear to want to let iTunes save the Library file - when VMS10 is switched off everything works fine.


Another issue has reared its head whilst playing F1 2011 in offline mode - with VMS switched on the game cannot autosave, with VMS switched off, everything works fine.


I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.


The previous version of VMS was excellent - I had much more control over what was happening but it seems this version has gone for a 'Big Brother' approach with very little user control.


I'm hoping someone can suggest a solution otherwise I'll be getting something else to look after my computer.

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Re: VMS10 - Beginning to do my head in!


Hi edwright


Sorry to hear you are having problems with your virginmedia security. I have replied to your previous post regards itunes, the F1 2011 game I have not heard of any issues with this also here is guide to known conflicting programmes the only other solution I can other is to either uninstall and reinstall, if that does not work you could try a clean install of windows then reinstall see how it runs before adding the other software. If you still have the problem after that then you might want to try another anti virus product.

John T
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