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VMDG280 SuperHub Bridge Mode

I have the VMDG280 Superhub and I bought an Apple Time Capsule the other day. At the moment I'm using my Time Capsule as a Bridge but it's probably a better router than the VMDG280 and so I'd like to use it as a router. When will the firmware update be available to use my Netgear Router as a bridge, or should I be ringing Virgin Media to get them to send me a Cable modem (like I used to have) ? Thanks Smiley Very Happy
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Re: VMDG280 SuperHub Bridge Mode

Which do you have, as the VMDG280 isn't the SuperHub.


The SuperHub model number is VMDG480

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One to Watch
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Re: VMDG280 SuperHub Bridge Mode

I have the VMDG280. Sorry, I thought this was the superhub. If I want to use my own router what are my options?
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Re: VMDG280 SuperHub Bridge Mode

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Hi longshanks_,


Although this is unsupported by us here you may be interested in this thread (the principle is the same for both the superhub and hub).


John O

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Re: VMDG280 Bridge Mode

Having scoured the forums without success, can someone please tell me whether it is indeed possible now to use a customer-supplied (in my case, Sitecom) wireless router, connected to the Virgin-supplied 280?  If the answer's "no", then is there any guarantee that a bridge-mode firmware upgrade for the 280 will be forthcoming (and if so, when please)?  If the answer's "yes", then please can you post step-by-step [re-]configuration instructions for 280 and customer-supplied routers.


Thanks in anticipation.