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Upload speeds

I know Virgin Media's upload speeds are 1/10 that of your download speeds.


But I was reading an article late last month where it said 'Virgin Media 'delivers' world's fastest internet' 1.5GB download and 150mb upload - in London (old street). What it also mentions is it offered such speeds via it's same technology it uses for it's current cable network.


If you could do that.. why offer such poor upload rates when that test shows you CAN offer better uploads to your customers? UK cable customers pay more than you would say in Germany or America where they offer better uploads (between 50mb and 75mb) for less. I just think with the money we pay we deserve better, cos we all know you can offer it but don't, you prefer to cap it instead. Which is just weak.


People... your customers, like to play games such as Call of Duty or Bad Company, which offer dedicated servers to play on or local hosted. But in order to be able to host a server with more than 4 slots you gotta have a good upload. Which just doesn't really cut it. You might think 5mb is alot and/ or is more than enough but it just isn't.

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