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Upload speed faster than download!

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For the last couple of evenings (that I've noticed) my VM connection has been horrendous in the evening.  I spent about an hour trying to troubleshoot it yesterday when I noticed it and to rule out anything on the PC doing it, but it miraculously sped up later in the evening, though not quite back to the 10mb it usually is.


This morning it was fine.  I did a few downloads after reinstalling Windows, and was getting the speeds I expected.


This evening however, it's back to unbelievably **bleep**.


I notice there's another post here from someone who's probably only 10 miles or so away from me and is also reporting carp speeds.


For info, here's the speedtest I did a few minutes ago.


1/2 mb download?  Seriously?


Upload speed is 1mb, which is what it's supposed to be.


Awful.  utterly awful.  I've had almost no problems for the ~5 years I've been with VM until recently.  Now it seems to have gone to **it almost overnight.

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Re: Upload speed faster than download!

Hi Infidelus,


Sorry that you've experienced issues with your service, I am unable to see any faults on the network or your local connection at present. 


Are you connecting wired or wirelessly when this issue occurs?

Kind Regards,

Lindsey P

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Re: Upload speed faster than download!

I've been having exactly the same problem. Its been going on for a couple of weeks now and it's driving me crazy. It's a waste of time having, if i cant use it when i want to.

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Re: Upload speed faster than download!

Hi DaveJTay


If you haven't already done so, please post a new thread detailing your difficulties and we'll look into them for you. Piggy-backing onto an existing thread makes it more difficult for us to assist you initially, and to keep track of any developments. Individual threads reduce the chances of a post 'slipping through the net'.


J Arnold
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Re: Upload speed faster than download!

Awful speeds again this evening (not that other evenings have been particularly great in recent weeks)


1 13 ms 2 ms 2 ms []
2 17 ms 12 ms 24 ms [82
3 10 ms 14 ms 17 ms [8]
4 20 ms 24 ms 20 ms [212.43
5 17 ms 15 ms 21 ms [213.10
6 32 ms 26 ms 15 ms [62.253.
7 22 ms 36 ms 14 ms
8 * * * Request timed out.
9 * * * Request timed out.
10 14 ms 29 ms 17 ms []
11 27 ms 18 ms 21 ms
12 26 ms 29 ms 31 ms []

Trace complete.


And here's a speedtest I did a couple of days ago during the daytime

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Re: Upload speed faster than download!

Today's results


Daytime (14:12)


Evening (20:02)


Wow, now we're cooking.  A whole 1.6 MB.  Still at lest the download is actually faster than the upload for a change in the evening.


Really is about time VM did something about these speeds.  They're pathetic.

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Re: Upload speed faster than download!

I wonder if they heard me ...


My conn dropped for about 20 mins or so this morning.  I spent that time plugging in different routers, connecting the machine directly to the closest PC and watching the flashing (or sometimes not flasing) sync light on the modem.


Since it came back up, touch wood (not that I'm superstitious), the connection seems much better.


Will have to keep an eye on it, but that's about 9 Mb/s better than it's been at this time of night for the last fortnight.

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Re: Upload speed faster than download!

Hi Infidelus,


Glad to read that your connection 'seems' better. Do let us know if the situation changes.


Kind regards,


James_W | Community Lead | Help & Support Forum Team
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Re: Upload speed faster than download!

Quick follow up.


I've been doing various speed tests/downloads at different times of day over the last few days.


Happy to say that, apart from the disconnect I mentioned in my last post and another one yesterday, my connection seems like it's back to a pretty much rock solid 10MB.


Only thing I'm wondering about now is the old VM modem I've got.  Both times when the connection's dropped I've not been able to access the modem's web interface.  I don't know if that's significant or the norm.  There's no settings there that can be adjusted by the user anyway so I've rarely had cause to look in there (except when I'm just nosing around).

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Re: Upload speed faster than download!


I Have the exact same problem as you.Upload speed fine download spped non existant at times.

Any idea as to what your problem was.

I had an engineer trying to fix mine today but he was unable to find the problem.

He did say as he was going that someone else would be comming later today to see if they could fix it.

Sure enough another van came along and they spent about an hour and a half trying to fix it at the geen box on the street.

They also could not find the fault but they do know there is one.They said that they would need to contact northampton to see if it is a problem over there.

I have to give them 10 out of 10 for effort,The first engineer was supposed to finish at 1pm today and he never got away till 1.45ppm.

The other two lads had to work out in the rain.just came to my door about 10 minutes ago to let me know that they were unable to fix it either.

So looks like i am stuck with it over the weekend.

At least I had enough of a connection to post doubt it will fade away shortly.