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Unable to complete downloads of files



In the last month I've been suffering from file downloads stopping after 2-3mb have been downloaded, regardless of source (including my own servers that I know as working OK) and connections to VM view clients dropping out. Prior to this service has been brilliant. Nothing has changed at this end, still using SB5100 modem as initially supplied. Sure its not PC clients as various OS and hardware used and all work fine if taken else where.


I've seen several discussions about power levels from 2010 with the same symptoms but the resolution didn't seem clear and I don't seem to be having the same high upstream \ downstream power level issues. (see below)


Can anyone advise of anything I can try before calling out and engineer.


Many Thanks


Ian Ward.


Downstream Value
Frequency331000000 Hz Locked
Signal to Noise Ratio37 dB
Power Level-4 dB
The Downstream Power Level reading is a snapshot taken at
the time this page was requested. Please Reload/Refresh this Page for a new


Upstream Value
Channel ID2
Frequency22200000 Hz Ranged
Power Level47 dBmV
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Re: Unable to complete downloads of files

Hi ian123,


I've checked the network and all is OK this side. Your downstream power of -4 dBmV is a little lower than we would like but if it was a potential cause then I would expect to see problems with all aspects of your connection and not just when downloading. Are you using a router and, if so, do the problems persist if you connect a PC direct to the modem via ethernet?



Ray Miranda
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