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Tivo and xbox one

Will the tivo box link to xbox one so we can watch it through the Xbox?

voice control etc 


If so how 

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Re: Tivo and xbox one

Not yet

That's not coming to the uk til sometime in 2014

And even then who knows?

It should do since it will work with the us tivo
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Re: Tivo and xbox one

Ok thanks for that
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Re: Tivo and xbox one

You'll be able to view the Tivo's output through the HDMI pass-through at launch and watch TV/snap TV


You won't however be able to control the Tivo at launch or view the One Guide for any UK tv system until possibly next year. You'll have to use your remote to change channels etc.

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Re: Tivo and xbox one

I plugged in my Xbox One and TiVo last night!


Just as jamch said, the HDMI passthrough works fine and you control TiVo just as you would normally.  There's a catch though, the Xbox has to be on for this to work.  Switch of the Xbox and you lose the TiVo picture too.


At the moment, since the two aren't really integrated, I probably won't use the passthrough feature and save that precious electricity.  But once voice control etc start to work for TiVo (who knows when?), then I'll try again.


By the way the One controls my Toshiba TV just fine, I can say volume up or down and it does just way I say.  Though pressing a button on a remote I think is still easier!