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Tivo Box Faults

I have recently had a replacement Tivo box as my old one continually re booted itself. Had the new one a couple of weeks and I am now losing channels mainly Sky Sports news and those in and around the discovery channel, also I get Pixelating on these channels ??

Is it possible to go back to an old box?

I lost all y recorded stuff with the new box have now loads of new stuff recorded but don't want to have to keep changing Tivos and lose recordings my old box never had faults.

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Re: Tivo Box Faults

Hi chuckgaish, 


Sorry to hear about the trouble you're experiencing here.


This would usually be a signal issue and not the box itself, however I cannot see anything remotely. You would need to speak with our disconnections team on 150 if you wish to have the box taken out. 


Let us know if you'd like to arrange another technician to hopefully sort this fault out for you.



Kind Regards

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