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Superhub wifi issues

Afternoon all.


As there seems to be a lot of posts re this issue I will try and be as detailed as I can.


Until yesterday I was running the following with no problems


20mb virgin connection.

One of the old style stand alone modems around 6 years old so I have no model /serial no.

A six month old Belkin N router.


This was easily supporting.

3  x  Xbox (one of which was hard wired using a power line)

I x android HTC phone

1 x LG network phone


3 x Acer laptops (Windows 7) all slightly diff models.


The only moderation to standard use was we had set a specific channel for the router to operate


Yesterday afternoon I had a virgin super hub installed.


All seems to be working fine with the exception of my laptop. This laptop is using a Broadcom 802.11 network adaptor with the latest drivers installed.


Web pages are taking at least 25 seconds to load plain text and the odd pic but far longer if video.


The laptop reports excellent signal strength. (I done a speed test and was hitting an upload of around 18mb on a friday night so was happy there.


I took the laptop round to a friends and had no issues at all easily connecting to his network and moving between pages. (which I assume discounts any network adaptor issues)


I have hard wired the laptop to the router and get no significent improvement


It can take upwards of 3-4 min to get into the router web page and have tried every available fixed channel.

I have done a hard re-set on the router no change.


Through all of this all other devices are working fine.


I have been in contact with VM technical support (very very helpful and am not being sarcastic) with no luck.


As it stands now Virgin are sennding me out an old style modem so that in theory I can go back to where I was yesterday.


This seems like a huge backwards step as everything else I am running is as new and up to date as poss.


If for some reason I can not get back to where I was I assume I will have to change ISP and all the hassle that goes with it.


Any ideas would be great and I thank you in advance if you can help.






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Re: Superhub wifi issues

Hi Darren,

I am having similar issues with my new HP Envy which uses a Broadcom card. All other devices connecting fine to Virgin's (Netear) Superhub.

Although all other devices remain reliable, ALL devices have issues loading Superhub pages when Broadcom is brought into the mix.

From what I can gather there is some vendor compatibility issues. This is quite similar to when I introduced an Acer with Centrino wifi my Draytek Vigor 2800, which actually killed the Draytek completey after a few mins, Same household, same device otherwise.

Very frustating.
Will update this thread if I find a solution.

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Re: Superhub wifi issues

OK, after a lot messingabout (inc. compiling Broadcom firmware in Ubuntu 10.02.2 LTS!) the solution for me seems almost embarrassingly simple: Keep trying different channels.

The link quality from the laptop is still far from ideal, with a very fluctuating 1 - 250 ms ping to the AP, whilst the signal strength has remained at 100% throughout. All along the laptop and AP are almost in contact, so something is obvkiously still seriously wrong here and I have a bad feeling my connection quality will start to deteriate soon (probably when a neighbour switches channels on their AP!)

Interesting to note that all my other kit (inc. Dell Vostro, Acer Aspire, Nokia N900, all NOT using Broadcom AFAIK) have consistently kept solid connectivity to the Superhub AP, with no reason to tweak any settings etc.

I had initially ruled out channel conflicts or other radio interference, as I have always used the least populated & overlapping channel and even tried to replicate the issue from other devices, in various locations.

So it looks like the particlar model and revisions of Broadcom & Netgear kit really don't get along too well, at least in an environment with a fair number of other APs in the neighbourhood too.

I notice you said you have already tried all available channels Daren? I wonder if your root cause may still be the same but in your particular case you simply have more wireless APs around you.
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Re: Superhub wifi issues

you sound like the perfect tester for the new firmwire update virgin are testing now for the hub.


i will ask about about the broadcom issues as well

this post may contain nuts Smiley Wink
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