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Re: Superhub uPnP Problems

you can get around the double NATing by putting the apple router into bridge mode. Doing this and following the other instructions previously mentioned works fine. I did this with my Airport Extreme which also has two Airport Expresses extending my wireless network. Everything connects fine.

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Re: Superhub uPnP Problems

Thanks for the advice here.

Since upgrading to the new 30 meg super hub, i lost my back to my mac services, which was very frustrating.


I could still access my idisk etc, but i was unable to connect to my computers at other locations. The frustrating thing was that i could see them listed, but just couldn't connect. My set up uses an Airport Extreme and following the guide above, i have it all working now - sweet.


It seems a little daunting at first but persist, it will work. Only problem i had is that the internet kept dropping off as VM are having 'issues' again in my area. When I was making the changes, I wasn't sure if i'd killed it or the connection had died - fortunately, and this is the only time i will say this, it was the connection from VM that had gone down. when it came back again, I was connected.


Thanks for the post. Very helpful.



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Re: Superhub uPnP Problems


pippincp wrote:


daveyrb wrote:



Could someone from Virgin please answer this as I have spent the last hour being bounced between Technical Support and Customer Services several times.


I had the 50 meg service installed just before christmas and was supplied with a "Superhub" I run Apple Macs at home and use a feature called "Back To My Mac" this uses uPnP the Superhub seems to be broken in the uPnP department and does not update its routing tables properly.


I would like to be able to either:


A) Disable the routing part of the superb and just use it as a modem with my own Apple router.


B) Have a modem instead so that I can use my own Apple router.


Is this possible?

There is a new firmware being developed which will allow you to switch to bridge mode on the superhub.



It is supposed to be released sometime this month.

not according to a press release issued a week or so ago by Virgin.  They Claim the new firmware isnt gonna be released until May and thats why theres a lot of so many very annoyed people.


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Re: Superhub uPnP Problems

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The trouble with this solution is that it will be doing double NATing which then causes other issues.


What I really need is a good old fashioned modem that does nothing more than present a true internet address to my router which can then take care of the NATing.



Daveyrb: What are the other issues that will be caused by doing this?


I'm going to give it a go - BTMM is essential for me!


Would have been good for Virgin to mention this before I installed. I would have been happy to wait until they had developed it to work properly. But hey, I'm only a customer. And those new adverts did cost a lot to make you know...

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Re: Superhub uPnP Problems

Hello all - did anyone get this working? Have the superhub and news airport extreme bs but can't get it to work. Oddly i can always see my remote computers in the the finder bar...


If anyone has any solutions please let me know...



best, dc