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Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: Superhub problems

hii isa 


isa  i recommend u to do some changes to your super hub config page and it will start working fine then 


just follow the steps and it might work for you


1. go to

2. user name :- admin(lower case)

    pasword :-    changeme(lower case)

3. click on advance setting at the bottom

4. go to wireless setting 

5. now change the channel to 6,1,11 (try all three )

6. change mode to 145 mbps

7. change band to 2.4 ghz

8. click on apply


now goto services page , 


1. disable firewall ,and ip flood detection 

 click on apply


reboot the super hub and check the speed it will surely increase



if not plz update ur drivers of network adapter




*isa and all this is a mere suggestion i dont take gurantee of anything 




sry for the spelling mistake hahahahahSmiley Happy





Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: Superhub problems

I'm also having the same problems of dropouts from my new Superhub, some devices (my wifes laptop) will rarely connect, my iphone and laptop either slows down anywhere to 1mbps or drops the connection completely  several times per hour, every single day. My old router didn't have a problem at all and the new one is sat in exactly the same position, dropouts even happens when my iphone is right next to the router so signal isn't a problem. I've checked and changed my settings as suggested on here, the firmware is updated but still get the dropouts.

After reading through all this, I don't have the time or the inclination to phone up customer services, to listen to some pleb speaking to me like I'm an idiot telling me to reboot etc....I've been there a hundred times and is stuff I always try before I'm that stuck that I have to phone technical help. How many complaints before Virgin recognise the superhub is a pile of **bleep**?

I've been a customer since year dot on Blueyonder and never has the service been this poor...finally time for a change of company methinks