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Bright Spark
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Superhub port forwarding

Hardware Version 2.00 Software Version R36

Port forwarding has been fine since July when the superhub was upgraded. Recently it rebooted, and it lost all config. I factory reset it, and set

firewall - low


forward port 22 / TCP to internal 192.168.0.x address.


port does not forward.

I scanned it with nmap from outsite and port 22 is stealth.


I set the hub in modem mode and conect a router.

port 22 hits the router


I diagnose a problem with the superhub.


If I enable remote connection on port 8080, I can wget the router page, or connect with a browser from 3G.


If I set a proxy arp on my linux machine to the ip of the superhub, and set my ssh listener on 8080, I can get in a few times out of ten, before the superhub locks up, presumably buffer overflow.


For some reason the superhub is not working in port forwarding. I have tried most of the settings one at a time no joy.


temporary fix.

I can run an ipsec vpn originated inside to a site hosted externally. I can then SSH in over the SSL .

This is too much effort.


Can I get my superhub replaced? or a different firmware,  or should I just use it in modem mode with a router and a firewall.











Not-So-Evil Mastermind
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Re: Superhub port forwarding

mrg9999 wrote:

or should I just use it in modem mode with a router and a firewall.



Would you be ok with that?

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Bright Spark
Posts: 53
Registered: ‎25-08-2010

Re: Superhub port forwarding

I'd like someone to acknowledge the problem, and planned roadmap to fix.