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Superhub firewall problems .....

I have just had the superhub installed a month ago and it's the worst decision I have ever made.

It won't allow me to connect to "my virgin media", but if I disable the firewall on the router then I can access it, I have the same problem with other sites to. The firmware on the superhub is R26 and when I can connect to "my virgin media" it wont let me login in with my NTL email address, they have totally messed up my email's, but that's another story. I have noticed a lot of people having problems with the old R25 firmware, but not sure if it's the same for the new firmware, any suggestions on how to fix it?

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Re: Superhub firewall problems .....

Its not like you need that firewall on in the router to protect yourself if a packet somehow gets past the NAT doing simple maps the XP firewall has SPI to block it.


IP Flood Detection is another one you might want to disable.

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Re: Superhub firewall problems .....

disable the router firewall


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Re: Superhub firewall problems .....

Yeah just disable the firewall and ip flood detection on the superhub.


I'm waiting for the r27 firmware so I can reduce the superhub to a simple modem so that it can cope. Then you can use your own router using bridge mode. We just don't know the exact date they're gonna give us this firmware but I suppose maybe they're trying to get a bug free firmware ready this time so we all don't complain again so much.


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One to Watch
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Re: Superhub firewall problems .....

Thnx for the help. fingers crossed the next version of firmware will fix things.

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