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Superhub Wireless not working at all

Since yesterday the wireless on my superhub has stopped working. I have tried powering off, resetting and checking the superhub settings, but nothing is working. The wired connection still works however.


I tried phoning VM tech faults line last night but the person on the other end of the call was not very helpful.


Any ideas? How do I go about getting VM to send me a new superhub?


Cheers, CH.

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Re: Superhub Wireless not working at all

its unusual that its not working - d=try another reset - hold the pin hole reset a full 30sec - dont guess - time it


once you have done that try it again - if you are sure the reset was correct and its still not working then alter the wifi settings to


open a webbrowser

in the address bar at the top where it says http://www.

clear the bar so its blank

and type



click advanced settings

then wireless settings

change encryption to wpa2-psk(aes)

change channel to anything apart from 1/6/11(try multiple channels if still slow)

and last but not least

change mode to 145.

click apply

see if that helps




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Re: Superhub Wireless not working at all

If you have reset,  have you UNCHECKED MODEM MODE


Last option on the bottom of the list or if you are accessing the list.


You should see it on the first log in screen to UNCHECK


I actually think ENABLE MODEM MODE is confusing to UNCHECK IT.  Rather than to check it.

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Re: Superhub Wireless not working at all

I'm also having the exact same problem, superhub and wireless conection to Mac mini, iPad and iPhone has worked brilliantly for months but haveing turned it off while I was away it has only worked in modem mode since.  Everything appears to be connecting to it but thats about it, no actual internet connectivity.  With Chrome on the Mac mini I just get DNS server lookup failed.


I've tried all the recommendations on here with regards to changing the encryption, channels etc but nothing seems to work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!





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Re: Superhub Wireless not working at all

I have just posted about mine too. The LED was off & when connecting in found it was turned off on the software on/off. Turned back in & the LED was then on. Don't know why it turned itself off though....Hope  you cure yours...Brillo

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Re: Superhub Wireless not working at all

Hi cabbageheid,


Sorry that you're experiencing this problem, have any of the suggestions within this thread helped resolve the problem?


Are all three lights on the Superhub at present?

Kind Regards,

Lindsey P

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Re: Superhub Wireless not working at all

I had the same problem and this fix worked for me! Thanks! Smiley Happy

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