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Superhub. Setting up home network and UPNP media streaming

Hi there.

I'm not really that new to routers but am to the superhub. I have always known that Virgin technical help are reluctant to help with other devices attached to Virgin routers, I was quite disturbed that on my last call I was put through to a service that would resolve all my issues for £10 per month for six months and with a cancellation fee. That's £60 (or £32 if i cancel in first month) and they cant garauntee they can get everything working!

The reluctance to help happens depending if I call a uk agent or someone from an outside call centre, UK agent's will go out of their way to help or give suggestions.


What I want to do is use UPNP (universal plug and play) to stream media from my NAS (network attached storage) to my XBOX 360 and also my desktop computer (I can acheive this from my desktop PC already)


I would usually be able to work this out from my router manual but there isn't one supplied or available for the supper hub and the information given in the suberhub advanced settings is far from clear.


I think what I need to do is set up static IP network which I know Virgin doesn't support for home users, although I can do with port forwarding for a short period until my IP address is renewed by the network, that means that I have to then change all my devices and applications settings again (very annoying)

The Static IP subnet options are greyed out, how do I enable them? will this help?


Thanks for any advice or pointing me to a proper manual.




Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: Superhub. Setting up home network and UPNP media streaming

Hi, I just joined this forum.


I'm not sure what it is you want to do, but if you want static IP type access to your equipment via the internet you can do this for free by getting an account from


For uPnP you say you already have streaming from your desktop working, but not (apparently) from your NAS to the xBox - this may require some additional configuration in your NAS, depending upon what it is.