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SuperHub Wireless signal strength

Hi, I like most people have relatively poor signal strength with the SuperHub. A Virgin tech guy on the phone said download inSSider program for Windows and it will tell you what channel people are using in homes near to you etc. I don't have a Windows so I downloaded a similar app on my Mac. 

The SuperHub is in the room next to me and the signal strength it shows in this app is 19%. That seems very low. I'm getting almost the same signal strength from my neighbours WiFi. It's picking up around six other near by WiFi signals. I've changed my channel to the one least near by people seem to be using. 

I can't even get a signal upstairs in my own house, I have to be very close to the Hub to get good signal. 

So my question is, is 19% signal low? Or is it OK? I'm not too sure what I should be expecting to see. 


Thank you for any advice. 

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Re: SuperHub Wireless signal strength

Hi Macfilm,


Wireless signal will vary depending on environmental interferance, and the construction materials of your property.


If you move the PC to the room with the hub in, does the signal strength increase alot?  Is the hub operating in 5.0Ghz mode or 2.4?


Peter Rafferty

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Re: SuperHub Wireless signal strength

Hi Peter, thanks for the response. 


It's not an easy job moving my PC into the room with the SuperHub but my iPhone WiFi signal strength does increase being downstairs and drops a surprising amount just by going upstairs. 

It's operating in 2.4Ghz mode. 


The Virgin guy who installed the Hub had to put it right next to the TV, PS3 and V+ box, I can't move it much further away from them. When we had a modem and a router we could place the router in the room with the computers and connected via ethernet but now it has to be wireless because it's simply too far to have an ethernet cable going through the house. 



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Re: SuperHub Wireless signal strength

Hello Macfilm


With the current poor wireless perfomance of the 'SuperHub' (It's about time Virgin should drop the word 'Super'), you may have to do what I have done and use powerline devices.

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Re: SuperHub Wireless signal strength

I agree, in direct comparison to my previous set-up. (DIR615 & VM Modem) I've had to take 'other' action to get round the poor wifi capability of the hub.

A near 50mb wired connection drops to 8/9 on a wireless G laptop directly under the hub.

All my wireless xboxes were affected too making gaming very poor.

I have addressed by hardwiring all xboxes where possible and using homeplugs.


I have since found that using VM netgear dual band dongle with hub on 5GHZ makes a heck of a difference, taking my wifi connection on N to 37mb. Worth doing, secondary dongles available on eblag for about 12 quid.