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SuperHub - Firewall on Medium/High blocks portforwarding ?

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Jus received my superhub, all appears to be running fine. However being the kind of person that would rather  start with a maximum security setting ( firewal on high ) and open things accordingly where needed seems to come with some issues. I suspect it is an issue with the Superhub firmware but perhaps I am wrong. If true please tell me.


In the first instance I was trying to configure Steam with the firewall on Medium and high, but cannot get it to work. steam connects fine with the firewall on low, but when I set the firewall to medium the problems begin.


I configured the specified Steam ports to be forwarded as listed here


and upon testing them with a portscan tester ( PFPortchecker ) reveals all the ports are open for UDP, however the TCP ports  are not. When I set the firewall to low I can confirm the portforward for TCP feature does work, because adding rule for say port 27000 shows as it as open, but when I remove that port forward rule it shows as blocked, even though steam logs on anyway, as I suspect it is not needed for the client to log on.


My configuration is such that I assigned a reserved IP address in the superhub  in the DHCP setting ( just to rule that out ), running in router mode, so the superhub is my router, and I am using a wired ethernet connection to the superhub.  Firmware says it is R36.


I can provide more details if needed, but if Virgin or anyone could confirm,  it seems to me that when setting the firewall to medium or high it simply block traffic anyway for any ports specified in the portforward section using TCP, but it seems to let UDP through okay.  ( not sure inbound or outbound or both, did not test that far )


Seems rather strange behaviour, suffice it to say other routers I've had no such issues. Tried some smaller additional things like disabling IP flood detection, but to no avail, the outcome is the same.


Also I have no idea what low medium high really does as far as the firewal is concerned, no documents to be found anywhere,  I looked pretty hard Smiley Happy


I am now strongly considering buying a basic cheap router and put the superhub in modem mode, because from what I have seen so far the router aspects seem poor and too basic, or a  WIP, sorry to say VM, but I do not feel comfortable with how it is running as is, without knowing the configuation in more detail, how the superhub works and so on. 


Hope that firmware gets some decent updates, the screenshots I have seen the older version seemed to have more more settings, please do not dumb it down VM, I have no problem with the fact that providing basic settings for many is useful, but leave the advanced configuration to ... advanced, for those that want it.


Also. if anyone could suggest a cheap basic router, it does not need to have wireless, not interested in that, but one that just does wired and acts a a router that works fine with the superhub would be nice. I just have two PCs connected to it with wired ethernet. I expect most of them would work, but anyway, just to avoid any potential issues I may as well buy a model that people confirmed to work well.


Many thanks.

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Re: SuperHub - Firewall on Medium/High blocks portforwarding ?

I discovered this today too; I've had my Superhub a long time and been successfully been forwarding ports, then recently I explored the advanced settings and fiddled, like you do.  It's taken me a lot of head scratching and system reboots before I tried changing the firewall security to Low, whereupon port forwarding started working again.


For any Virgin support out there, this is completely crazy!  It wouldn't be so bad if there were any documentation on what the differences between Low, Medium and High security were on the firewall, at least I've not found any in  the past.  But having the firewall block other router functionality without so much as a warning would appear to be a little nuts.


Totes cray, as my daugher would say.

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Re: SuperHub - Firewall on Medium/High blocks portforwarding ?

Hi both, 


We have asked the firmware team for further information on the firewall settings functionality and suggested that this also be included in the associated help section provided. As soon as we get any update on this we'll let you know.

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Re: SuperHub - Firewall on Medium/High blocks portforwarding ?



Don't suppose there's an update on this? Maybe another thread that I've missed in my search?





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Re: SuperHub - Firewall on Medium/High blocks portforwarding ?

My advice.

The firewall on both versions of the Superhub is useless.

you will get better protection and performance using a software firewall (even windows firewall will outperform the Superhubs firewall)

at the end of the day your using a NAT router so unless you foward ports nothing will get to you pc unless you make the first connection so the nat knows where to rout the traffic.

i have never trusted or used firewalls built into routers due to the lack of controle over them with one exception and that is Dd-wrt 

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