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Super Hub keeps losing connection!



Ever since we got our new hub (to replace our old modem, which worked fine but never got us speeds over 10mb), it has been a pain. Everytime i have changed the settings on it e.g password, name, within 10 mins to a hour it just resets itself back to defaults.


The main issue is that everytime someone is on a laptop (wireless) they get randomly disconnected from the internet, my brother keeps getting disconnected from xbox live (wired connection).


We have 3 laptops and 2 xbox's, they are rarely ever all on at the same time, at most there is 1 laptop and an xbox connected and it just seems it doesnt like it.


It seems impossible to downlaod anything because its almost guarenteed to disconnect during it.

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Re: Super Hub keeps losing connection!



Sounds like a dodgy superhub. You could wait 4-6 days for someone from VM to contact you about this on here or you could simply dial 150 from your landline and speak to someone from VM there in the "Faults Department"

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