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Super Hub Network Printer problem

I have just had a Super Hub (Net Gear VMDG 480) installed as a consequence of upgrading to 30Mb service. 


I have two desk tops, both running Windows 7.


One desk top is connected to the hub with an ethernet cable and the other connects perfectly thru the wireless network.


Unfortunately the Super Hub does not pick up my network printer (HP 3800n). The printer is hard wired via ethernet cable into the Hub yet the hub does not recognise the attached printer.


I can find no way to get the Hub to recognise the printer and add it to the network Calls to the Virgin tech support end up with someone saying since the Hub is working, there is nothing they can do. .   


Can anyomne advise me on how to get mt HP3800n working on the Super Hub?

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Re: Super Hub Network Printer problem

what do you mean reconize. it will just see it as another network device and give it a ip address. it will not be able to reconize what the device is. as far as the hub cares its a network device.

you will need to set the pcs up to know what and where it is
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Re: Super Hub Network Printer problem

not used the hp 3800n, but can you see the IP address of it on the little screen? once you get its IP you can try changing the device settings on the computer to connect to it

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Re: Super Hub Network Printer problem

i dont think the super dud likes network printers!


my Canon works fine on my D Link Router, but when i got the super dud it stayed connected for a few hours then would kick it off!

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Re: Super Hub Network Printer problem

Found this thread when I was trying to get my Dell 1320C network printer working on my new "Super Hub".  The Dell 1320C is connected by Ethernet cable to a gigabit router. Before the upgrade this was connected via a TP-Link WR1043ND router. This TP-Link WR1043ND router, and ever router I've used in the past, allowed me to reserve a fixed IP address for the printer. I can not find this feature on the super hub (software version is V5.5.2R30). 


After I installed the super hub the printer was not connected.  I looked at the devices in the MAC Filtering page in the Advanced settings page and found it there. Actually it was not there at first but it appeared after I powered the printer on and off. Also I added it to the MAC filter then deleted it  (I had the printer's MAC address saved from from the TP-Link router configuration) - not sure if this did the trick. 


Once I had the IP address I edited the port setting in the Windows XP Printers and Fax settings. What I expect will happen at some time is that the IP address will change and the printer will stop working until the port setting is edited to match. So I plan to switch the super hub to modem mode and use the TP-Link router. I already tried this but it did not work. I'll try again when I've updated the TP-Link firmware to the latest version.


The super hub probably works fine for most people but Virgin and Netgear must have decide that it did not need the full features of a proper router. I guess that most people use wireless networking and won't see the problem but I prefer the speed and security of a  wired network.     

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Re: Super Hub Network Printer problem

I got this wrong. You can set up a fixed IP address, aka  "DHCP Reservation", on the "LAN IP" page in the Advanced settings.  This sorts out the network printer. I also have an AC Ryan Playon DVR on the network. This has a setting to work on a fixed IP address. I had it as on the TP-Link router and had to change it to

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Re: Super Hub Network Printer problem

Hi bobayers,


I'm afraid we are unable to help you with the printer as it's not in our support scope but hopefully some of our community members can shed some light.

Kind Regards,

Adam Jones
Help & Support Forum Team

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Re: Super Hub Network Printer problem

Printers can't be found by the Superhub because the default ending IP address of the Superhub is:


A printers IP address is usually:


Hence the printer is out of the IP viewing range of the Superhub.


Unless they can increase the ending IP address and add the 1 where the 0

is, this so called Superhub will never find the printer even if the printer

can see the Superhub.


They should recall these Superhubs and correct the stupid mistake

they made.


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Re: Super Hub Network Printer problem

I solved the problem by changing the IP address on the printer itself to one in the 0 range eg.