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Streaming sites (iPlayer, 4od, etc) not loading at all



We've been unable to get any service from video streaming sites for a while now. If we try to use iPlayer/4od/ITV player/etc there is just a blank space where the player should be. Nothing appears to be loading, i.e. there's no interface or error, it's just as if there were nothing there at all. According to we're getting a download speed of 8.89 Mbps though, so that wouldn't appear to be the issue. This is the same at all times of day. Does anybody have any ideas what's wrong or how we might be able to fix it?






P.S. I've posted any informaiton I think might be useful here:


Downstream SNR: 42.6 dBmV

Downstream Power: 3.6 dBmV

Upstream Power:43.5 dBmV


Traceroute to

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 22.461 ms 13.978 ms 19.399 ms
2 ( 137.871 ms 172.698 ms 317.460 ms
3 ( 18.238 ms 18.707 ms 22.939 ms
4 ( 17.286 ms 32.336 ms 118.203 ms
5 ( 12.375 ms 12.203 ms 14.389 ms
6 ( 11.970 ms 26.308 ms 15.873 ms
7 ( 11.684 ms 13.307 ms 15.856 ms
8 ( 16.966 ms 16.290 ms 15.416 ms
9 ( 13.508 ms 16.111 ms 12.284 ms
10 * * *
11 * * *
12 ( 38.138 ms 13.133 ms 13.674 ms
13 ( 15.975 ms 15.711 ms 15.165 ms
14 ( 14.850 ms 15.716 ms 12.754 ms

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Re: Streaming sites (iPlayer, 4od, etc) not loading at all

Hi David,

After looking through your traceroutes, it appears that there appears to be an issue on the second hop and subsequently on the 4th hop. After comparing this with the network at the time you posted, I can see that your UBR is suffering from high downstream utilisation. If this load continues I will raise this to our network team.

Dealing specifically with your issue, does iPlayer etc load on another computer?
Kind Regards,

Oliver C

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