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Streaming (YouTube) on 10 Mbit a joke (video)

So, I've had Virgin 10 Mbit fibre for about a year and a half now, and sadly, streaming works extremely bad.


It's not a problem with the Modem (which was replaced) and the error is consistent over my new MacBook Air, my gf's new MacBook Pro, my Thinkpad from work and both our iPhones.


Virgin said last year (Jan -11) that the issues were due to a faulty main cable which should be changed but so far no difference.

So what's the problem then? Even though I reach about 10 Mbit downloading speed running (which I believe Virgin optimises against), streaming services such as YouTube, BBC, Channel four, netflix etc plainly don't work.


The problem is the following: buffering starts and a few seconds of video data arrives. Video start to play. It arrives to the part where the buffering has stopped and hangs there until the slider gets moved or the page refreshed. At this point a few more seconds get buffered, and so it goes on.


On BBC normally it says "Unsufficient bandwidth to show the clip".


Switching from WiFi to 3G on the iPhones solves the problem (duh).


I did a screen shot video of the issue:


I wouldn't expect this to be fixed so I'm writing it more to warn others in the Southwark (Bermondsey) area of London than of any hope of resolving the issue, since I'm going to change provider as soon as I have decided who to switch to.


Happy browsing!

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Re: Streaming (YouTube) on 10 Mbit a joke (video)

Hi victorlaszlo



I have checked your local router (UBR) and can see that there are periods of high load which will cause your speed to slow. If this load continues to increase this will be passed to our network teams to look at ways to alleviate some of the load.

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