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Smart card error message

I have a Samsung SMT-2100c digibox that I purchased second hand some time back, it still has an old ntl smart card. 


I do not currently subscribe to Virgin Media TV just broadband and only got the box to receive free view channels ,the box has not been modded or tampered with in any way but just recently I keep getting a message pop up on the screen saying the smart card may not be inserted properly, try re-inserting it, if the problem persists contact virgin media qouting 1007.



Can anybody give me any help or advice on this problem.


Thnk you


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Re: Smart card error message

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Virgin STBs are never sold, they are only rented and remain the property of Virgin Media at all times. Also Virgin TV is a subscription service, there are no free options.


If you get a box from anyone apart from Virgin directly, then it will not work as it should (or at all). Virgin will also not resolve any issues with it as you are not their TV customer - they only support services for which you have a subscription.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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Re: Smart card error message

Knowingly or not, you have been illegally using Virgin Media services. Virgin Media have recently stopped this happening by upgrading their encryption.


If you have enjoyed the TV services supplied by Virgin Media then you should make arrangements to become a customer: