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Slow upload speed - normal for Virgin Broadband???

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I get upload speeds of 0.27 mbps in my area - Bristol area 07.  It also takes a long time to connect.  The result seems much slower than the normal upload for Virgin Media when results are compared on 


I think this is the reason my emails with attachments take ages to send and why when I use https sites it takes ages to connect.  I have Netgear WPN 824 router, but I've already tried it with a direct connection to the modem on 2 computers and it's no faster.  It's spoiling my internet experience and it used to be so much better.  Has anything changed?  Are they restricting upload speeds?  


After waiting 15 minutes to speak to somebody, I was told upload wasn't supported.  What sort of cop out is this?  Isn't upload a rather critical element in an internet connection? 


Finally, echoing many people's comments here - it should not take 15 minutes to speak to customer support on an expensive telephone number (revenue sharing).  Anybody would think they're trying to make extra profit from customers just trying to sort out problems!!!  

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Re: Slow upload speed - normal for Virgin Broadband???

Hi Higster88,



I have checked your connection and local network and am unable to find an issue. Can you advise if this is constant or only at particular times? Can you please post your modem power levels/event logs (to find out how please see here). If you're still having problems with your connection speed can you take a look at this sticky and post the information requested so we can investigate this further for you.



John O

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Re: Slow upload speed - normal for Virgin Broadband???

Hi mate, I too live in Bristol and have recently got the 10MB fibre optic cable connection, download speed is fine averaging 9-9.5MB but upload is appalling, frequently below 200kbps which is making online gaming a nightmare. I have called VM Tech Support numerous times and have done copious amounts of speed tests, they have been little help and the advisor I spoke to after hours in their overseas call centre basically said (and I quote) "there are lots of issues with upload speeds, we don't support uploading."


Now I dunno about you but that sounds like a cop-out to me, uploading is a critical element of everyday broadband usage and if VM can't supply this as indicated in their advertising and marketing spiel then they have no right to call themselves the fastest provider in the UK, as clearly, that's a fabrication.


I'm currently waiting for a call-back as I requested to the overseas advisor that my case be escalated as I refuse to be fobbed off by these companies!

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Re: Slow upload speed - normal for Virgin Broadband???

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Was your problem solved?

I moved from BT infinity where I got 40Mb download and up to 10Mb upload as Virgin promised that I will have faster internet than BT as theud fibreoptic goes only to the exchange and they have cable directly to my house. They told me i will have 60Mb download but i do not have it and i have to restart the home hub couple of time a day as download goes down to 0.17Mb and upload never exceeds 0.6Mb? Is it normal with VM or is there something wrong?

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Re: Slow upload speed - normal for Virgin Broadband???

Hi mahatma,


If you are still experiencing difficulties then please post a new thread detailing them ( as this one is nearly 12 months old), including the information described here and a traceroute to, and we'll look into them for you.

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