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Slow speed and IP address change in Modem Mode



I have recently purchased a Cisco RVS4000 VPN Router and I have a slight problem I wish an expert to help me with.


At home I have a 100Mbps internet connection which gets a result of around 80-98Mbps on the .  However, when use the RVS4000 with the Superhub in Modem mode I can only achieve 20Mbps downstream and 9Mbps upstream.   I am using Cat 6 cabling for everything with Gigabit ports.  The QoS / bandwidth settings are disabled on the new device.  The Cisco is set in Gateway mode as opposed to Router mode.


Also, when I switch to modem mode my IP address changes to a VM 82 range address


Any ideas what could be causing the slow down and is the IP address change normal?




Chris D

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Re: Slow speed and IP address change in Modem Mode

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If it has IPS enabled try disabling it.

------Die-hard direct connection modem user---Because newer is not always better Super hubs 1, 2 & 3 could have been built better the years go by and we can't see the mistakes that were made to make things right. Use modem mode If I could offer you only one tip for the future, modem mode would be it. BQM, Outgoing ports test
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